It was my second visit in Barcelona.  A city I like very much. From the airport, we took a bus to get  to the city. Our hotel was not very far from the Rambla.  What to do in Barcelona:  browsing in La Boqueria , revisiting the Gothic Quarter, walking on Passeig de Graciato to see the great architecture , eating churros, admiring the Cathedrals,  spending time inside the Sagrada, going to Barceloneta to enjoy the view of the water.  We did not have time to go back to Parc Guell  ( we had done it in 2009)  or visiting  museums. Often, we  prefer to be walking , exploring as much as we can while we also take time to enjoy good food.  It was 3 full days well spent.   I will  share a few photos taken during our time in Barcelona.

La Boqueria.


DSC02868 - Copy

Gaudi’s work has greatly influenced the face of Barcelona architecture and you will see stunning examples of his work all around the city centre.

Casa Batllo. Gaudí renovated this block of flats to make it look like a sinewy, psychedelic deep-sea beast. Whatever you do, don’t let the queues put you off venturing inside this fantastic building.



House of Spikes (1905)DSC03195

Casa Amatller. Located on the famous  Manzana de la Discordia, Puig i Cadafalch’s Modernista–Gothic romp has a Dutch air about it.DSC03202

La Pedera. This one-time residence is a masterpiece of Gaudí’s swirling imagination.DSC03229


Hospital de la Santa Creu  i de Sant Pau. With its dainty pavilions, Modernista quirks, ceramic décor and gardens, this hospital works artistic as well as medical wonders.


La Sagrada Familia. Gaudí’s unfinished symphony, an extraordinary work of soaring religious devotion and unlimited imagination.

DSC03257 - Copy

DSC03273 - Copy

DSC03369 - Copy




The Cathedral of Barcelona in the Gothic Quarter.


and here Santa Maria Del Mar. Barcelona’s finest church is a noble work of grand Gothic construction.DSC03160




This was a quick tour of a  very interesting city. I hope you enjoyed. Thanks always for reading. Hasta luego !



7 thoughts on “Barcelona

  1. I love seeing images of Barcelona. I have seen many of the famous scenes of Barcelona, in images, and I love seeing what a regular tourist finds beautiful or intriguing in the city. The architecture in your photos was carefully examined and enjoyed by this follower!

  2. Lovely to see Barcelona through your eyes. Great images and thanks for MY picture.

    Is there more to coma? I hope so.
    Hugs dear Fra

  3. Absolutely stunning photos. Barcelona is my favorite city, of all I’ve lived in and visited. I hope to go again soon. You’re so lucky to have been there twice already.

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