Camino in photography.

Today, I will not post about Barcelona yet but  I will share some photos taken  on the Camino. (June 2015)

We were lucky to have Nancy and Jose as guides for this great adventure.

On Foot in Spain is the link if you ever  are up  to do a walking/hiking  educational journey in Spain or Portugal. You would be having a good time .

Now , the photos with  little description! But if you want to read and see more on our adventure with On Foot in Spain, I have written 11 more  texts ( you can find them on this blog). It was a real pleasure to write  our story and to share it here.

The shell, is  the symbol on  the Camino. We all received a shell to wear  around our neck  or put on our bag or just to bring home as a memory.DSC00017

St-James. The history of the Camino de Santiago goes back at the beginning of the 9th century (year 814) moment of the discovery of the tomb of the evangelical apostle of the Iberian Peninsula.  Since this discovery, Santiago de Compostela becomes a peregrination point of the entire European continent.DSC00216

Pamplona is the first city where we  met with our group. I really liked that  city . We had  time to  walk and get a feel of the place.  It has a nice  square where people come and sit on benches and visit. Pamplona is very famous for the run of the bulls.DSC00227.My texture (1318)

Alto del pardon. monument to the Pilgrim. A  14 iron figures of natural size.DSC00249



This man  had set up a table with little crafts and food. He is only asking for donation.2015-06-06 01.06.04

Our friend, David, took a photo of me at the Sta Maria  La Real Monastery in Najera. David and I got along because he was taking as many photos as me.IMG-20150713-WA0018

Sometimes, my husband also took photos of me! Thanks, Stephen.

                       2015-06-06 05.24.45

Food never tastes so  delicious when you have walked a few km.DSC00912

2015-06-07 04.28.53


Walking “la meseta” on a beautiful day. DSC01427

A snack … Little Bee is  never too far .DSC01489

Part of our group listening to Nancy while she explains history of the San Zoilo Monastery in Carrion de Los Condes . They were all happy to be  sitting after 20 km walk.



Sam with the rock I brought with me.  As I didn’t want to leave it at the “Cruz de Ferro”, I gave it to him as a souvenir. It was a rock I painted a few years ago.

                                2015-06-10 07.40.43

Rainy day on the Camino…2015-06-10 03.41.21

Always a place to stop for coffee if we want to.DSC01958

Cyclists on the Camino . DSC02014

David is taking photos … and I take a photo of him!DSC02143

Nancy , our guide . With Jose , they have been leading those adventure for 17  years. The best guides for this experience. Great people  with so much knowledge  to share. DSC02095

A  monk  at the Monastery in Samos.                                                              DSC02188

Jose is mixing the salad for our picnic.DSC02314

Some animals we saw while we were on the Camino…DSC02285



On our last picnic, we enjoyed some cider !DSC02602

Thanks to Saint-James, we had this wonderful walking experience.


and thanks to Nancy and Jose, this trip was a success.


Thanks for reading ! my next post will be about Barcelona.   A unique experience. Maybe it will inspire you to do it.







8 thoughts on “Camino in photography.

  1. This is a wonderful collection of photographs. I love the one of the monk, with the shadows of the openings in the long perspective of the walkway, and the one of the chicken… beautiful details on that one. I am very glad you loved this adventure so much! It seems like El Camino was begun with you in mind!

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