Camino de Santiago ( Spain)- part 11

And now it is the final day on the Camino. We were going soon to arrive in Santiago de Compostella. We did not have much to walk on that day . Only 5 km  through eucalyptus forest . The plan was to arrive in Santiago  to be on time for the 12:00 mass.



When we arrived in Santiago, we walked along  Rua San Pedroto to  reach the Plaza de Obradoiro.  It is where we could say:  “We are arrived. This is it .”  We got a bit emotional   and hugged  each other. We saw many pilgrims arriving and trying to get a sense of their experience.


I  was a bit disappointed to see main facade of  the Cathedral  as it was in the middle of some restoration work.



Still , we took photos and quickly we got inside the Cathedral for the mass. We were hoping to see the swinging of the butafumeiro. It is not happening every day.  Butafumeiro means “smoke expeller”in Galacian. This incensory is one of the largest censers in the world, weighing 80 kg and measuring  1.6o m in height. Eight red-robed “tiraboleiros” pull the ropes, producing increasingly large oscillations of the censer. During the mass, it is forbidden to take photos but at the moment the butafumeiro is in action, everyone take pics.



After the mass, we had our last picnic on Monte Pedroso. From the  mountain, we had a view on the city.


We had time to walk  in the historic quarter.  In 1985 the city’s Old Town was designated a   UNESCO  World  Heritage Site. With a local guide, we toured the Romanesque and Baroque Cathedral and its museum. The city was busy with pilgrims and tourists. But it is mainly a walking city. We got some rain but we were wearing our raincoat. We had time to walk inside  the Parador that has sumptuous architecture and great decoration. We met our group for the last supper  at 20:30.  It was another  amazing dinner  with  great food and wine . We enjoyed it to the max. We said good bye to each other. We were not quite sure if we would see each other the next morning at breakfast.

On this last photo , to the right is the Cathedral. In  front is the Parador (the hotel where we slept- it was founded as a pilgrim hospital  at the end of the 15th C) and to the left  is a government  building.


After breakfast, we had time to walk some more in  the city. We saw many shops and restaurants.  We sat down for a while in front of the Cathedral to watch the action with the pilgrims arriving.  We  took a cab to the airport for a flight to Barcelona where we were going to spend 4 days.

What a great experience. I would recommend it to anyone. The company  we chose for this adventure is  called ON FOOT IN SPAIN.  It was great  for us because  we didn’t want to do the whole route  and everything was organized for us.

Thanks again for reading.  Shall we visit Barcelona together ? I hope so. I will soon publish  posts  about our visit  in this city.

Hasta luego!



10 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago ( Spain)- part 11

  1. What a beautiful trip this was, walking on the camino. You showed us what it was like, so well!
    I had not heard of the huge censer in the cathedral, before… very interesting!
    Everything is so very old! I would imagine everything needs to be repaired often!
    Thanks for having us along on your trip!

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