Camino de Santiago (Spain)-part 10

Day 10. After a night in Samos, we left in the bus to reach  Sarria.  We have only two more days of walking with our group. The morning walk started in Sarria. We could see many hostels  (albuerges)  as this town is more or less exactly 100 km from Santiago. Many pilgrims  only walk this distance in order to get the Compostella ( the certificate- proof of walk on the Camino).


2015-06-12 06.45.35

This part of Galicia is quite bucolic and dotted with numerous small hamlets and quaint parish churches.  We pass the 100 km marker.  Our 14 km morning  walk finishes in Ferreiros. It was  time for another picnic. Notice the cheese   in shape of a breast. We  eat  empanadas, olives, salad , bread , fruits. Every day our lunch was an enjoyable feast.

DSC02314         DSC02324  2015-06-12 03.58.12

We saw  horreos, typical granary built in wood or stone , raised from the ground by pillars ending in flat saddle stones , to avoid the access of rodents. They are used to store grains.


We shuttled to Santa Maria de Melide. Only 5.5 km of walking in afternoon. When we saw the sign Santiago, we knew we were getting very close. We were excited to arrive at our destination. Our good friends, David and Gayle ( from Australia) were happy also.


We were going to spend the end of the day and night in a rural mansion. “Pazo de Andeade“, 29 km from Santiago It was constructed at the beginning of the 18th century and lovingly restored in 1995.  We had some time  to explore a beautiful garden.




             2015-06-12 23.29.40

           2015-06-13 00.28.51

Our group  was perfect to use all the rooms they have . We had dinner  together and it was a pleasant evening at the table with good food and local wine. One more night and then we were going to be on our last day on the Camino.

Thanks -as always-for taking the time to read.  Gracias !

I have a few more posts on Spain .  And soon it will be  stories of other adventures on my blog FUN and LIFE. Ciao for now !



5 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago (Spain)-part 10

  1. Such an adventure you had! I loved seeing the grain storage containers, and once again your lunch food looked so delicious! I loved the beautiful garden. The photo with the trees leading to the building was very beautiful.

    • yes, food was good. you don’t count your calories when you walk. I never count them anyway ! this was a very nice places and i had time to do photos without rushing it. tks for your comment, Mary. We still have to get to Santiago on this blog..very soon ! 🙂

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