Camino de Santiago (Spain)-part 9

Day 9. We were dry and ready for another day on the Camino. It was not raining. We all has a smile on our face. We had one hour on the bus to get to Herrerias and then,  we started our 8.5 km morning walk.

2015-06-11 03.23.37

That morning, we truly enjoyed spectacular  views back down over Valcare Valley.  Looking back from  where we started.  Such a nice area. That is the day we entered Galicia and reached  Cebreiro ( 1300m/4264′).


We saw a farmer working on his field.


                   2015-06-11 03.25.56

As my husband and I are fast walkers and the whole group is behind us, we had time to enjoy a cold beer before lunch. Our lunch were different every day  but it was always a delicious picnic prepared by Jose.



After lunch, we visited the palloza ethnographic museum. The construction of the palloza dates to Celtic and re-Roman times.


Another walk in the afternoon , along ancient hilly and steep trails. We arrived in Samos.  We had a superb view on the  Monastery that we  visited  before dinner.


This  Benedictine Monastery is one of the most ancient and most important of Spain. I think there are only a dozen of monks living there. The church façade dates back to the eighteenth century and is still incomplete.



Some art on the walls of the Monastery.



While we had time we  bought some chocolate at the gift shop (to bring home).


What a nice day. Even a year later , I am  still thinking as one of our best time on the Camino. I look at  the photos and I am so grateful we were there.  Maybe we could go back. One more photo on this post and  more to come ( 2 more days on the Camino). By the way, I don’t know the exact amount of photos I took every day  ( a lot)  but for my blog I choose  a few to give you an idea of the places we saw.


Thanks   for your visit . I know I have regular  readers ( Cece, Marcia, Mary, Janine, Jeannie, Stephen )so   I say to you : hasta luego y gracias.


3 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago (Spain)-part 9

  1. The view in the first photo is so gorgeous. What a beautiful walk you must have had that morning.
    And your lunches always look so delicious.
    The monastery is amazing looking. I wonder how many monks lived there at the peak of its history. It looks like it could have been hundreds. It certainly is beautifully kept, for only a dozen monks!
    I also like seeing the palloza… before the roman arch, I see. I wonder how that roof is held up!
    Excellent, once again, France!

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