Camino de Santiago (Spain)-part 8

In the story of this blog, it is still June 2015. Day 8 of our walking adventure in Northern Spain. The sky was really gray as we left the hotel and without a surprise we had to wear our raincoat that morning. We crossed the 20-arched medieval bridge in Puente Orbigo.2015-06-10 01.13.35We stopped in the first village for a little while hoping the rain would stop. It didn’t so we kept walking. Just following the yellow arrow.


Rain, rain, rain… after all it must rain sometimes.

2015-06-10 02.41.31

My socks were wet.  After we stopped for lunch, the rain stopped.        I did not want to change as my shoes  were really too wet and I think It would not have made a difference. Here is Sam and I after our morning walk.  11 km. I think Sam did not walk  but normally he did . He was only 9 years old and a very good walker.


Lunch was good. Cheese, bread, salad…

2015-06-10 04.43.02

After our lunch, we stopped in  Astorga. We had time for a hot chocolate ( Spanish style, very thick). I bought some chocolate  another day to bring home.


We saw a van with some bikes. Some companies  offer bike rental for those who want to do the Camino on bike. Personally, I think walking is better and it is much easier to take photos.


In Astorga,  we saw the Archbishop’s Palace ,  a masterpiece from  Antoni Gaudi. We could only see the outside. It was closed on that day and I think we did not have enough time.


We reached the famous Cruz de Ferro . The tiny iron cross is embedded into the top of a long wooden beam and surrounded by a large and ancient pile of rocks, Pilgrims often carry stones from home to throw on the pile at this place  that is the highest point on the Camino  ( 1505m/4936′).

2015-06-10 07.53.23

Another 6 km to walk to reach  Molinaseca.  We crossed an old bridge and at the end of the village, we arrived at our hotel

2015-06-10 09.31.55

Time to dry our clothes, find a good place for dinner and relax. We have great memories of our dinner with a very friendly server called Javier. The cost of the dinner was 10 Euros including wine, soup, main dish, dessert and coffee. What a deal!

In the backyard of our hotel…Love is in the air !!!DSC01903

More on our adventure on the Camino in my next post. Thanks again for reading.




4 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago (Spain)-part 8

  1. Great post! I loved the thick hot cocoa, and the muddy water rushing down the center of the street. And I think the Archbishop’s palace is extraordinarily beautiful.
    I also love your photo of the very fine stone-work on the bridge in Molinaseca. Beautiful!

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