Camino de Santiago (Spain)-part 7

June 2015.  Day 7 of our travel on the Camino de Santiago…

This day was going to be a very special day as I was going to meet a  Spanish pen-pal at the end of the day  but first let’s see what we did that day.  We visited the remains of a Roman bath complex with numerous mosaics, it was a well preserved 4th C  AD ruins.

You can see the designs on the floor.

DSC01603   DSC01618

DSC01629     DSC01630

There are many  routes that lead to Santiago. We were on the Camino Francés. ( The French Camino/The French Way).  Historically, due to the  codex Calixtinus , most of the pilgrims came from France: typically from  Arles, Le Puy, Paris and Vézelay ; some from Saint Gilles.  Cluny , site of the celebrated medieval abbey, was another important rallying point for pilgrims and, in 2002, it was integrated into the official European pilgrimage route linking Vézelay and Le Puy.




We did not have to walk too much that day as we had to arrive early enough in  Leon to visit  the Gothic Cathedral and the underground royal pantheon  ( where it was forbidden to take photos). The Cathedral was  superb. I really enjoyed the magnificent stained glass. The French-inspired Santa Maria La Blanca Cathedral is known for the purity of its style and for housing the finest stained glass in Spain. some dating to the 13th C.





It was  fun to meet with my friend Encarna.  She was very kind on driving  a few km to meet me on the day I was passing the closest from the city where she lives. She is learning English but it was my chance to practice Spanish during our visit. We always are able to communicate when we really want to.



Another good day. I  think it would have been nice to have more time to wander in that city but we had to get our sleep and another adventure was just ahead of us  with still 4 more days on the Camino.

Thanks to read /comment.  Gracias !




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