Camino de Santiago (Spain)-part 6

June 2015.  Day 6.

Another look at the beautiful Cathedral of Burgos  while having our breakfast. And watching the pilgrims taking quickly a photo- almost not stopping -was interesting .     We know that it is much better to walk early and avoid the midday heat.

After a  30 minutes shuttle , we went in a cafe to go to the washroom  before the walk. We met the owner, very proud of his wall with souvenirs from pilgrims passing in his village.

2015-06-08 00.28.44

I also  took a shot of Sam ( our guide’s son ) .


And then, we started our walk on the meseta. The Castilian high plain, passing scattered villages along a good rural path. Beautiful flat  land with fields of wheat and red poppies.



2015-06-08 02.00.54


Maybe the most beautiful scenery we had so far  but maybe not the last.  I walked with Sam  for a while  and try to make funny selfies. Another warm day without clouds.

We got to San Bol for our picnic and a rest. Always good to rise our legs after a long walk. We could also soak our feet in the icy fountain.


In the afternoon, we saw some adobe homes and dovecotes . We enjoyed this educational part of our trip.  So much to learn when you travel. A dovecote or dovecot is a structure intended to house pigeons or doves.  Dovecotes may be free-standing structures in a variety of shapes, or built into the end of a house or barn. They generally contain pigeonholes for the birds to nest. Pigeons and doves were an important food source historically in Western Europe and were kept for their eggs, flesh, and dung. In some cultures, particularly  Medieval Europe , the possession of a dovecote was a symbol of status and power and was consequently regulated by law. Only nobles had this special privilege known as “droit de colombier”.



We walked some more on a very flat trail along an 18th C canal which used to be important for transport and irrigation.


We arrived in Carrion de los Condes.  Visited the beautiful San Zoilo Monastery founded in the 10th C.

2015-06-08 10.55.42

It had been a good day for sure. Good weather, good conversation with our new friends and good opportunities for photography.

More on the Camino … very soon! Thanks again for following my steps on this very special path !



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