Camino de Santiago (Spain)-part 4

June 2015. Day 4. The adventure on the Camino continues. After  breakfast, we walked almost 10 km through rolling countryside and vineyards.


We passed the 575 km mark. It means, there are 225 km left before Santiago. But we are not walking it all. Just some sections! Often, we see the logo with the shell.  On the pavement or on a wall.


That day, I saw two women from Quebec. We had a little chat as we walked together for a while. They really impressed me with their journey . They had been walking for 5 weeks already as they started their journey in Puy-en-Velay, France.  They told me that the Camino in France was really nice. They were going to walked all the way to Santiago. It means they would be walking almost 1600km in about 2 months. I am sure your life is not the same after such experience.

That day , we also visited Sta Maria La Real Monastery in Najera.  A statue of the Virgin Mary was discovered inside a cave in the cliffs.


Another day, another great lunch.DSC00911After lunch , we walked some more to get to Santa Domingo de la Calzada.  We visited the Cathedral.  Inside the Cathedral, a rooster and a hen are kept in memory of the famous legend of the innocent hanged pilgrim kept alive.  Always a Cathedral to see in many place we go !!


We also went up to the bell tower. The view was great. On the photo below you see the parador where we slept that night.2015-06-06 10.06.47

A few more days to go on the Camino. Thanks for following the story of our adventure.



2 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago (Spain)-part 4

  1. Beautiful photos. I especially like the first one.. I don’t believe I’ve seen it before. What a gorgeous shot, a beautiful landscape, and showing the Camino, and walkers, too.
    It sounds like a wonderful trip. I’m glad you got to do it!
    Excellent photos. The Sta Maria La Real Monastery is so beautiful,wow.

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