Bassin d’Arcachon/ Arcachon Bay ( France)

May 2015

After Paris and a ride on the TGV. We arrived in Bordeaux and then changed train. Again we were lucky to meet with a friend living in this area we were about to spend 5 days . Everyday, we visited some interesting places. Who said being on holiday is relaxing ? She wanted us to see it all.  I don’t mind because most of the time I have good energy and I want to see as much as possible.

Arcachon Bay is a bay of the Atlantic Ocean on the southwest coast of France, situated between the Côte d’Argent and the Côte des Landes, in the region of Aquitaine. The bay covers an area of 150 km² at high tide and 40 km² at low tide

I will show a few photos . Let start with the Great  Dune of Pyla.   The tallest sand dune in Europe. After climbing the stairs , you can enjoy the view…




My friend had a surprise for us. She had been asking a friend to give us an airplane ride all over the  Bay area. It was fantastic! A  private tour – 30 minutes  to admire the beautiful scenery. Taking photos was a bit of a challenge because the reflections on the window. i was the lucky one as I was sitting in front with the pilot. My husband and my friend were behind. I think it was the fist time I flew in a small plane like that.



Nearly in the middle of the bay is a very particular island: L’île aux Oiseaux (Isle of the Birds).


Another day, another adventure . Friday Market  is a fun day. So much good food.  Local food. Cheese, olives, nuts… fruits and vegetables.


Then, visiting the town of Arcachon  with its nice looking houses – a type of Victorian architecture- was also great.


Here is the windmill in Vensac.  From the 1800’s and  still producing flour. It turns 200 days and get almost 10,000 visitors each year.


We  went on a boat to visit the lighthouse of Cordouan. The lighthouse is located 7 km off the shore and is the oldest in France. 311 steps to the top .  67.5 meters high.


Another day, we watched  men playing “pétanque”. They take it very seriously but they didn’t mind that I took a few shots of them. Maybe they thought I was going to send my photos to the local newspaper !!


A stroll  along the water. It must be low tide.


Are you thirsty ?   Here is a happy man  that has something for you.


What a wonderful time we had .It allowed us to leave this area of France  with great memories. We had other  places to go.   I will continue to tell the story of my travel in France. Next post. We are going to Bordeaux.







7 thoughts on “Bassin d’Arcachon/ Arcachon Bay ( France)

  1. (I couldn’t comment on your last post. There was something wrong. Glad it is fixed!)

    You have such a good time on your vacations! I loved the fancy house in Arcachon, and I loved the photo of the man throwing the ball, too. What a busy trip!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • the problem… might be because I had to change the date …I am not sure. but you still were able to see the pics and read the text I suppose. More to come at the end of the week, I just don’t want to post too many in the same week… tks for you visit Mary. Very appreciated.

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