Let’s get in a time capsule and go back to  May 2015.

It was my third visit in Paris but the last one was in 1992 so it was really great to go back . This time , my husband was with me. I always said we would go together because  I  speak French  fluently and It would make it easier for him  !

I  have already did a post on my time in Paris but as it was the first step of our time in Europe.  I feel I need to start here  as I never finished the story of that trip !

I was lucky to have a friend who lives in the outskirt of Paris. She picked up us at  CDG airport and we spent 2 full days with her . We walked a lot.  This is the only way to see as much as possible and get a  true feeling of this wonderful city.  Walking along the Seine River, into the Jardins des Tuileries, les Champs d’Elysées, climbing Arc-de-Triomphe.  All that on Day 1.


The next day , we went to Montmartre. It was  a nice sunny Sunday and  the Basilica was full.  We also walked in the area of the Marais. It is where my friend twisted her ankle . She had to go to emergency!  Not much fun  but things happen for a reason I suppose. A  year later, I know she has fully recovered .


We still had time to visit more of Paris on our own . We even didn’t plan to see any museums like Le Louvre. We stayed in a small hotel in the 15th arrondissement and we walked some more. Jardins du Luxembourg. Quartier Latin.  We went up the Eiffel Tower and  walked on rue Cler. According to Rick Steves, there are no better place than this street to learn the fine art of living Parisian-style. We also had time to visit Cathedral Notre-Dame and have a beer while watching people walking in the rain .


After 4 days in Paris, our trip was just starting . We were going to take the TGV and  visit another area of France.  Visit another friend also . I will tell more in another post.

Thank you for visiting my blog or following me. I enjoy sharing my story with all of you.


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