Palouse country ( part 3)

On this post, I will let the pictures do most of  the talking !!! You will see Palouse country at the end of a sunny afternoon with the wind-power turbines. Do you know how tall they are ? If you compare them to the Eiffel tower,  they are quite smaller.  The Eiffel Tower measures 301 meters. The Space Needle in Seattle measures 184 meters and those wind turbines measure 107 meters.


From the top of Steptoe Butte, the car  down below looks very small.


I surprised a  deer  munching in the yard of a house in Colfax.


We saw many horses …


And a sign to warn us about…




Such an interesting  area. I am sure you would also enjoy it . There is so much to see . I couldn’t show you all and tell you all… you would be bored maybe ! Please come back to read my next post about a Bavarian village, not in Europe .

Thanks so much for reading my travel story. And many thanks for all taking time to say something … it is much appreciated because I know we have busy lives and we need sometimes to disconnect from the electronics.   Have a good day/evening….




12 thoughts on “Palouse country ( part 3)

  1. Thanks, France! It’s great to travel along with you and to see your wonderful images. I love the lush green rolling hills. xo

  2. These photos are all so beautiful! From the folds in the land to the beautiful horses, and the funny mailbox signs, these photo really tell a happy story. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

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