Palouse Country (part 2)

On our second day in Palouse area, we continued to explore. We drove through small roads (some unpaved) to reach Kamiak Butte.  The County Park is named in honor of Chief Kamiaken of the Yakama Indian Tribe. We parked and we walked up. The Butte rises to an elevation of 3641 feet/1110 meters. The view we get is through the trees. We saw pretty wild flowers. Again, we were happy we didn’t get rain as the sky was very cloudy.



The view is similar to the one we had at Steptoe Butte  but here we didn’t get a 360 degree view when we reached the top.


We drove  further south . We  stopped in Colton  to see the  Roman Catholic Church. More than 100 years old but in very good condition. We even went  inside. I was surprised it was not locked.  One lady living close by  saw me taking photos and came with us in the church.  We had a friendly chat.


We continued our route and saw the famous fence made with 1000 wheels.


I must say that  barns are in numbers. Especially red barns. I didn’t count how many we saw but I am sure this area has the most red barns in the whole state.


We decided to drive further south and end up in Idaho  in a town called Lewiston. The view of the town from the highway is nice. We could see the Snake River.  And on the photo below  you see  part of the Old Spiral HWY.


I will have one more post about Palouse to show you more photos I took during this trip. After all, the main reason to go there was to take lots and lots of photography. I probably took about 1500  but of  course, many had to be deleted.

Thanks for reading my story.




6 thoughts on “Palouse Country (part 2)

  1. I like the misty looking light you had on this day’s trip. The view from the butte, between the trees, was so beautiful!
    Another friend of mine, who took a trip to the Palouse this past year, said that every possible inch of space was used for crops, since the soil was so rich…. and I can see that in your photos.
    The last photo, with the spiral highway, seems to show how the Palouse just suddenly begins, right at the edge of Lewiston! It is so cool to see!

  2. C’est un très beau coin que tu nous fais découvrir…certains pourraient faire de magnifiques photos…je suis certaine qu tu y as pensé ! Bon été et au plaisir de te relire ! Martine xxx

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