Driving from PD to YVR

After good time in Southern California, visit in Arizona and New Mexico, it  was time to say good bye and hit the road to get home in Vancouver , BC.


A road trip means that sometimes you get to be on the road early , stop only  when necessary, sleep and repeat until you reach your final destination.  With 2240 km to cover in 3 days, it is more or less what we did.

On Day 1, we drove in California with nice weather  until we arrived in Sacramento.  We drove just in front of the beautiful California  State Capitol.  The Neoclassical structure was completed between 1861 and 1874. The building is based on the US Capitol building in Washington DC. I took some shots that day but we also came back to see it with better light  the following  morning.



On Day 2, we drove 857 km. The morning  ride was wet. But it didn’t stop me to take photos through the window.


We left  California and  drove in Oregon until we arrived in Salem which is also the capital of that state. We didn’t make any visits  but enjoyed a nice dinner in a Mexican restaurant.20160305_181310

On Day 3, we only had 584 km on the road. We went by Washington State without stopping unless it was necessary. Normally, we have a picnic and we make a quick stop in a rest area. DSC02673

Here is a shot of Seattle seen from Highway #5.


We  finally crossed the border and said:  Hello Canada !!

After 53 days away and so many fun adventures, we felt blessed to be back home with great memories. When I write this blog, I relive my trip and  I enjoy it one more time. I hope you enjoyed it also.  Every year, I am lucky to go to many places and I don’t always have enough time to write about it. Soon, I will tell our story  when we were in  to France and Spain  last year (2015)  as I didn’t share it yet. But first, I will write about our visit in Eastern Washington State . With some interesting photos.

Thanks again for reading and/or taking time to tell me what you think when you read my post. I’ll be back soon with other FUN and LIFE adventures.

5 thoughts on “Driving from PD to YVR

  1. I really like the shot you took of the California capitol building in the evening. It is beautiful.
    That was a fast trip. I bet you were exhausted by the end… so many miles in such a short time!

    I’m always looking forward to your next trip!

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