1000 Palm Oasis

Another day, another adventure. This time, we went for a hike at the Thousand Palms Canyon of the Coachella Valley  Preserve. This nearly 20,000 acre Preserve is so close and yet far enough away  ( from Palm Desert) to immerse yourself in the beauty and solitude of the magnificent  Coachella Desert.  The San Andreas Fault, the most famous and visible fault of its kind in the word  is located in this area.


We could admire the giant California fan palms with their stately trunks as high as 60 feet  and their grass skirts remaining still as a hula dancer at rest .




The fruit of the fan palm was eaten raw, cooked or ground into flour for cakes by native Americans.


The Cahuilla and related tribes used the leaves to make sandals, thatch  roofs and baskets. The stems were used to make cooking utensils.

We went for a hike  on a warm spring day ( it was the last day of February). We enjoyed the sight of many wild flowers like the desert sunflowers…


the Indigo bush…


and some hairy sand verbena…


We also saw some  happy lizards sunbathing in the sun.  I believe they are Coachella fringe-toed lizards.


We were happy with our day . Taking advantage of a nice warm day outside is always great. Thanks for reading my travel story. In my next post I will show you more flowers we can see in Palm Desert .

5 thoughts on “1000 Palm Oasis

  1. I’ve always been a fan of wildflowers. Wildflowers is how I began to be serious about photography. I loved your examples of what grows in the desert.
    Beautiful shots of those palm trees, wow!

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