Sunnylands Garden

Sunnylands Centre and Gardens is a beautiful 15 acre site,  in Rancho Mirage,  where we can admire more than 70 species of native and drought-tolerant plants arranged in single-specimen beds. They are layered to create visual interest through color, texture and light.


On the next photo, you will see that I wanted to capture the garden with a different feel using the watercolor setting from my camera.


We saw a lady painting in the garden. Maybe my photo would be inspiring for her !


Nature can be quite interesting when you take time to look closely.



Should we sit on this bench,  a replica of a redwood bench presented  in June 2013 from Barack Obama, president of USA  to his Excellency Xi Jinping, president of the People’s Republic of China.



That will be all for this visit. On my next post, I will talk about Shields Date Garden in Indio. So much to do and to see in Palm Desert area.

Thanks for reading.





4 thoughts on “Sunnylands Garden

  1. I love all the colors and shapes of the cacti you found in this place. And I really like your painting images! Well done… the first one accents the shapes so perfectly.
    And I likes seeing the replica of the famous bench!

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