Here is you chance to see more of New Mexico…

Now, we will go and see the old town of Albuquerque.  Just the name is something that was making me curious about this place. I had a laugh every time I tried to pronounce the name !! After many repeats , I think I can finally say it properly !

Albuquerque is an important city in New Mexico with more population than its capital Santa Fe.  Not easy to describe the city. We didn’t see it all.  The cultural and historical heart of the city unfolds around a tree-shaded plaza at San Felipe de Neri parish. The church is surrounded by homes and businesses. Many shops, galleries, artist studios and some restaurants.  You can find Native American pottery, weaving, turquoise ans silver jewelry, custom-made furniture and more. There was not many tourists on the day we were there.


The church  San Felipe de Neri  has a 5 feet thick wall dating from 1793.


Some fun art here and there and many colorful benches.


We can see again  the chili pepper arranged in ristras.  They are an iconic decoration in New Mexico, especially during the harvest months and holidays serving as a symbol of “welcome.” Ristras also have their practical uses as the star ingredient of the delicious red chile sauce and other New Mexican dishes.



Albuquerque is quite famous for the 9 day International Balloon Fiesta (first week of October). Balloonists from  all over the world come there to fly. I am sure it must be fantastic to be there  at that time.  Albuquerque is recognized as the “Hot Air Ballooning Capital of the World.

Thanks for reading my travel story !

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