The Turquoise Trail

February 2016

Leaving Santa Fe and driving on the Turquoise trail. We  saw interesting art.


Origami in the Garden tells the story of this art form through a collection of over 20 monumental outdoor sculptures. Here is one :


Here is a sign, so we are not lost. Not much tourists in this area at this time of the year.


We stopped  in Cerrillos. It means Little  hills in Spanish. This town was once seriously considered as the capital of NM. Cerrillos mining district is one of the oldest and most marked of the Old Spanish mineral developments in the territory.  21 saloons, 4 hotels and 2 churches were busy here in the booming 1880’s ans 1890’s. Now, we can see the old buildings and the dirt streets. It is  a picturesque reminder of the Old West. Mary’s Bar was not open !


In fact, everything seemed to be closed  for the winter except the Turquoise Mining Museum. So, we went in to see…


You might want to buy an old bottle. They have a few  but I think they were quite expensive.


On the Turquoise trail, our next stop was in Madrid!  Another mining town around 1890’s.  This one for coal. Now, it is a small community with many artists. Many buildings are in need of TLC.




We were able to get a good coffee  but it was  not   0.15 cents like this old sign we saw .


We saw what we wanted and as we were not too far from Albuquerque, we decided to get there to see the old town. This is the topic of my next post.

Thanks for reading.

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