Petroglyphs in Arizona

February 5th, 2016

We drove by the Painted rock Petroglyph Site.  These pictures on boulders and rock panels are filled with mystery…

Petroglyphs are images created by removing part of a rock surface by incising, picking, carving, or abrading, as a form of rock art. Outside North America, scholars often use terms such as “carving”, “engraving”, or other descriptions of the technique to refer to such images.


The Gila style is a later tradition attributed to the group of farmers that archeologists call the Hohokam.  They lived in central and southern Arizona between about 300 BC and AD 1450. The style includes designs of animals, insects, human shapes, plants, circles and zigzags. the designs were made by artists who used stone tools  to peck images into the rock surface.

DSC00022 DSC00023

DSC00025 DSC00026


As this site was away from the main road, it is probably not very popular with tourists. Two other time during our visit in Arizona, we saw more petroglyphs. I will end this post with a nice fence that was at this site.


Thanks  for reading . More story from our time in Arizona  will be shared very soon.




3 thoughts on “Petroglyphs in Arizona

  1. Tout est très intéressant à lire France! Voua faites plein de découvertes et c’est très agréable de vous suivre ainsi de découvertes en découvertes. J’ai été surtout fascinée par les photos de l’océan Pacifique. Mais tout est beau, les photos sont bien choisies et les descriptions fort intéressantes.
    Tu nous en apprend des choses!!! Tu es une bonne prof.! Hihi

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