On the road again…

Thanks for taking time to read my blog on my travel to southern USA.  This post is a bit longer than most of my other posts. If you missed my story on our visit  to San Diego, you’ll have to go the archives of my blog. It was a great visit  but then, we had to get going after 4 full days visiting the San Diego  area.

Direction: Yuma , Arizona.  I was curious about this town as I only knew the name. The drive from San Diego was not very long.  173miles/277 km. Nothing really interesting to see . Only the highway. In one area, we could see some fields with green crop.  I am not really sure what it is  but  it needs good watering as weather gets really hot there from May to October.DSC01133

One thing was a bit strange for me was  to see the  fence  between  the USA and Mexico. We were quite close to the border as we were driving. We could see  the fence easily.  I never really knew about it  but now I know it is real. If you are curious about it, it is very easy to see more photos. You can just google : fence border USA Mexico and look at the photos. The U.S. states along the border, from west to east, are California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. The United States has 5,525 miles of border with Canada and 1,989 miles with Mexico.  My photos are not very good  as we didn’t stop  but I will post one here in order to  give you an idea. The steel  fence is about 18 foot high.


We organized to spend a full day in Yuma . We visited the  Yuma Territorial Sate Historic Park.  On July 1, 1876, the first seven inmates entered the Territorial Prison at Yuma and were locked into the new cells they had built themselves. The complex of buildings was a prison until 1909. A total of 3,069 prisoners, including 29 women, lived within these walls during the prison’s thirty-three years of operation. Their crimes ranged from murder to polygamy, with grand larceny being the most common. A majority served only portions of their sentences due to the ease with which paroles and pardons were obtained. One hundred eleven persons died while serving their sentences, most from tuberculosis, which was common throughout the territory. Of the many prisoners who attempted escape, twenty-six were successful, but only two were from within the prison confines.


By 1907, the prison was severely overcrowded, and there was no room on Prison Hill for expansion. The convicts constructed a new facility in Florence, Arizona.


DSC01212                DSC01244             

Let’s  say   the visit teaches you one or two things. People  had different reasons to go to jail. Some didn’t stay as long as the sentence they were given. Some women spent time in that jail .  Now , there are jails just for women ! The Bandit Queen, Pearl Hart, had quite a story !  One thing is sure , you can “enjoy” the visit  but you would not like to be there as a prisoner.

In Yuma, we also visited the Saguinetti House museum and gardens. Home of pioneer merchant Eugene Francis  Sanguinetti.  Born in California in 1867, he came to Yuma at age 15, penniless,  but quickly became a civic-minded businessman whose various enterprises such as electricity, ice house, ranching, farming, merchandising, banking, real estate- advanced his own well-being and that of he community he loved. It was interesting as our guide made it really fun and because  we were just a group of 4 we could ask all the questions we wanted.  We learned about ghost towns of the area and also about Mr. Sanguinetti ‘s story. The house was small  but they added rooms as they needed more space for their family.  Always fun to see how  people lived before we were born.

DSC01336        DSC01332

We had a nice dinner on Main street. We had enough time to see  what was interesting in Yuma. We had time to walk along the  Colorado river  and relax.  Yuma is not so famous  but you probably heard about the movie   3:10 to Yuma . I haven’t seen it yet.  The next day, we  were ready to keep going on our adventure. Arizona has plenty of great places to discover….

Thanks again for reading.

6 thoughts on “On the road again…

  1. Very interesting information about The Wall. Also about Yuma’s prison. 😦 Good pictures too. I’ve seen both the old and the new version of 3:10 to Yuma. They were both pretty good movies. Thanks for sharing, amiga.

  2. Je déteste les murs sans porte, je déteste les frontières, … merci pour ce reportage dans la prétendue démocratique Etatsunie. & Longue vie aux musées 🙂

  3. As soon as i read YUMA I remembered the film , with Glenn Ford I think? I saw it with Mum when I was a child.

    Thanks for the happy memories.

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