Let’s go to San Diego (part 1)

San Diego is a city with  many interesting places to visit. As it was my second time in SD, this time we didn’t do Sea World and SD Zoo. But one thing I wanted to do again -as if I didn’t capture enough of it the first  time – was to go back to Balboa Park. There is something special about this park. Balboa Park is unique. Many museums and beautiful gardens. I think  the architecture was what called me back and here I will show you some of the buildings, Spanish-Renaissance style constructed for the 1915-16 Panama-California Exposition. Spending a few hours there was wonderful. It was a nice sunny Saturday with many people around although you don’t see many on my photos.





In one area of the park, we can see  International cottages from the Historic 1935 California Pacific International Exposition.



Here is some info found on the web:

“HPR consists of  33 national groups, many of which have their own small cottage in San Diego’s  Balboa Park. These cottages, furnished and staffed by group members, offer visitors a delightful window into each country’s culture, history and traditions. The cottages are open to the public every Sunday afternoon for four of the five hours between Noon and 5:00 PM. Refreshments are served and donations are welcomed to defray costs.”

Besides enjoying the architecture, we also walked in many gardens…DSC00425 …with great display of color as San Diego has a mild climate all year-long.

We enjoyed our day in the park. Two more fun shots of that day. Mosaic sculptures by world famous Franco-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle.  This woman was born in France  but lived many years in USA. From 1994, she lived in California until her death in 2002.  Poet and muse  is a colorful  artwork.



Nikigator is fun for the kids who likes to climb on it. I couldn’t wait longer to take a photo  of just the sculpture as this little boy  was happy to eat his pop-corn on it.
And then little girl wanted to have fun there also. What I discovered  about the artist is that I already saw some of her art work  in two European  cities ,  The first one in Paris: Stavinsky fountain near Centre Pompidou and another one  called L’ange protecteur in the hall of the main strain station in Zürich.

Thank for reading my travel story.

6 thoughts on “Let’s go to San Diego (part 1)

    • thanks Marcia. I really like Balboa Park and all our visit in San Diego. In my next post, you’ll read more about our time over there.Thanks for reading. ♥

  1. Très belle architecture en effet France! J’aime beaucoup les petits cottages ainsi que l’arbre en fleurs. Que de belles visites et découvertes!!!

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