Mission San Antonio de Pala

January 29, 2016

On our way to San Diego, we had planned to visit another Spanish Mission. Actually we had a bonus visit while I discovered on a map another Mission that is not part of the 21. I am talking about ASISTENCIA SAN ANTONIO DE PALA.  Located 23 miles east of San Luis Rey de Francia, this assistant mission was founded in 1810. The church was dedicated June 13, 1816 by Fray Antonio Peyri. This tiny mission still serves the Luiseno band of Palatingues ( the Indians for whom it was built).

First we visited the garden. Lots of plants, statues, benches…


Then, we went  inside of the church.  The walls are a replica of original murals by Indian artist Antonio Lugo.


SanAntonio de PALA

The bell tower at Pala is the only freestanding bell tower at any mission property in California. The Mission’s bell tower has been an important landmark and symbol for almost 200 years.  The current tower is an exact replica of the original, which was destroyed in 1916 by torrential rains. It stands 35 feet tall.  It was an inspiration from an older bell tower at Juarez, Mexico.


There is also a gift shop. The lady in charge was very nice. The place is not very well known  and there was only another couple  visiting while we were there. After this visit, we drove to see  the Mission San Luis Rey de Francia. This will be the story of my next post.

Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Mission San Antonio de Pala

  1. Je suis particulièrement frappée par le clocher et son histoire. Est-ce que tu sais dans quel matériaux il est construit? C’est très beau et le jardin est luxuriant!

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