Hiking in Palm Desert (part 3)

Hello readers !

We spent  many days in the  Greater Palm Springs area. We  were outside most of the day and staying active. We enjoyed hiking and at this time of the year (late January/ Mid-February), the weather was  perfect for this activity. We went  in San Rosa National monument. The park is called  Cahuilla Hills. The trails were in good condition. It was a climb with a reward for the view  when we got to the top after about one hour. It was interesting to look at the people ahead of us and how they could be visible if they were wearing  bright colors like this woman here with a reddish shirt. Can you see her ?

The trails go on a kind of switch back. They are large enough to meet.


As we went up, we could see a golf course and the city  of Palm Desert.


I will now show you some vegetation we saw during our hikes . I stopped to take photos every time I saw  something colorful. We saw desert lavender or you can say  “hyptis emoryi”. The gray leaves are covered with fine hairs and are soft to the touch.  Spikes of silvery-blue flowers develop anytime throughout the year, but we see more of them  during spring time. This plant grow on dry, rocky slopes along washes and in canyons.


And here are some other plants  seen.


It is possible to see road runner and desert cottontail but we didn’t see any there. Another day in another place we saw some.

Thanks for reading . More from my trip in California  very  soon.







4 thoughts on “Hiking in Palm Desert (part 3)

  1. Hello France!
    Vous aviez un très grand choix d’activités! Et le temps a dû passer très vite!
    C’est très intéressant de te lire et de regarder tes photos de voyage!

    • Merci Mado. C’est gentil de me mette un commentaire. J’aime bien defaire le voyage en ecrivant sur le blog. C’est pas fini puisque comme tu sais ce fut un assez long voyage ! Bisous

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