Mission San Gabriel Arcángel.

January 17, 2016

Now, we were just about to visit another Mission (12th of 21), the 4th of all Spanish Missions founded in California.  This Mission is older than the metropolis of Los Angeles.The 4th of all Spanish Missions founded in California. The old mission church, with buttressed walls of stone and brick up to five feet thick, looks today much as it was has always looked.  This is what you see on the photo below:

DSC00510-1 Mission San Gabriel was founded on September 8, 1771 by Father Pedro Cambón and Father Angel Somera. It was once California’s largest producing winery.

In the garden are found olives trees, citrus and fig trees as well as  orange trees. San Gabriel had the first orange trees in California. Aqua tibia sweet orange tree (Valencia variety). It was a very interesting garden with cacti and flowers and so much information,  I would still be there if I could…but after about one hour visiting the museum, the garden, the church and even the cemetery, we wanted to drive some more. I took many photos. Here are some for you.


I was very happy  having seen this Mission. Thanks for reading. Our adventure in warm California will continue soon.



One thought on “Mission San Gabriel Arcángel.

  1. I love how you’ve captured all the wonderful detail here..the lovely buildings and the beautiful gardens. We took a trip out to Northern California last September and it was so fun to explore. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the southern part of the state…maybe next time. Thank you for sharing, France!

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