Miles after miles…(or km after km)!!

January 15 and 16, 2016

Today,  the story of our road trip continues… On the road,  we go. We get up early and we are on the highway with daylight. Not much to report until we get south of Oregon and are  driving in higher elevation which means snow  but fortunately not on the road. I grab my camera and snap a few shots. It rains and for  more than 2 hours we get that scenery and then no more white stuff.   Northern CALIFORNIA  has some big mountains  with snow on it  but  we keep heading south.

From time to time, I ask my husband about the temperature. It is getting warmer for sure. We will be driving all day and only stopping when necessary for gas, restroom break and  eating in a rest area. We always find it easier if we have food with us having done the shopping the day before. We don’t have to find a restaurant and “waste” time. And I must say it is also healthier and economical. When you have many miles/km to cover and the daylight is short, you just want to get to the next hotel and relax. Now, that we were in USA, we tried to think miles and Fahrenheit. For two days, we just drove and drove. All our hotels had been booked ahead knowing what distance we could cover and not making it a too long day.  With the GPS, we got to our destinations easily.  Sometimes, we listened to music.  I always bring my favorite CD  with me. Sometimes, we were chatting or we just stayed quiet and admired what was around us. We share the road with big trucks. We notice the changes in the landscape. I never stopped taking photos although the windows were getting quite dirty. All  the photos with snow were taken while driving.  But I was not the driver, of course !




This is probably Black Butte, elevation: 3,918 feet/1194 meters.

And here are some old fashion posters we saw in a nice rest area, off HWY # 5.

DSC00259            DSC00256

Then finally, one late afternoon, in a city where we had time to go for a walk before dark, I saw a tangerine tree. This would not be possible in Canada!!


The story of this road trip  is just starting. We have many more days ahead of us of this 55 days trip. I will be back soon with another post. Thanks for reading.




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