Welcome 2016

Only a few hours left of 2015. How do you feel about it ? Happy, sad, anxious to move on something new ? Most people like to celebrate and when midnight arrive they scream: Happy New Year, they hug and they give wishes to the people they are with. I wonder why we get so excited to jump into a new year. Shouldn’t be as excited when a new day starts ?


How you feel about saying bye bye 2015  might all depend how has been 2015 for you. My 2015 was very good with amazing trips and lots of photography. So, I just hope 2016 will be the same. It should be because I choose to make it happen.  I hope the same for you. Health, Joy, Love, Happiness and Peace. We need all of that to have a good year.

2016.Brenda.C. picmonkey(1)

Thank you so reading my blog. Happy New Year.