Traveling in France .

I am back with a short post. It is summer and we need to  enjoy it .  Still, I  am   thinking very much of my  recent trip to Europe.  Paris  (previous post)  was great  for sure. But we had other places to visit. We opted to use the TGV ( train grande vitesse ). It was my very first time I traveled   by TGV.  I was wondering if I would feel the high-speed.  If never you decide to travel this way, make sure you reserve you ticket ( on-line ) 3 months before your trip. It saves you lots of Euro and stress also.  Traveling off season is also probably cheaper. You will know what is your seat and what car you will be in .  Traveling second class is OK. No need to pay extra to be in first class. When you get to the train station, you find out only 10 minutes before departure what in the number of the platform you will be boarding. So be ready !!!  We were leaving from the Montparnasse station and going to Bordeaux.  Only 3 hours and 15 minutes for  585  km.

What is the real speed of the TGV ? I really did not know  but I was curious to fin out. According to my research: “The TGV holds the world speed record for conventional trains. On 3 April 2007 a modified TGV POS train reached 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph) under test conditions on the LGV Est between Paris and Strasbourg.” One thing is sure,  it is not at this speed for the whole trip. It slows down when you pass a city by example. You never feel you are going fast but if you look at the cars driving  you know you are going much faster than them!

Traveling by train  is  very relaxing.. You can read, sleep, eat  or look at the scenery. You can also take photos if you want. I did !! But I don’t think they are very nice !

If you are  curious and want to dream, you can always check the web site of the SNCF which means in French: Societe Nationale de Chemin de Fer .

Now, it feels a long time ago we were sitting on that train.  After we arrived in Bordeaux, we took a regional train ( no need of reservation). It was just the beginning of the second part of our trip. We were going to discover the Arcachon Bay. I will  talk about it in another post.

Thanks for your visit ! Enjoy summer while it lasts.

TGV: Train grande vitesse. If you made the calculation of the speed of our travel between Paris and Bordeaux,  it would be an average of 180km/hour !



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