Olympia, Washington State.

This short blog is  about our visit in Olympia,Washington’s capital. Downtown, we found the Old  State Capitol and also the new Capitol.  The Capitol Campus is quite nice to visit. It was late in the afternoon , so we only walked outside  but there are guided public tours of the building. It could be interesting to do it another time we drive by Olympia.  We saw some imposing monuments, memorials and what a surprised  to see  a replica of a Tivoli fountain!  Having gone to Denmark many years ago, the name was familiar . What I also learned was that the fountain in Denmark  was a replica of the fountain in Tivoli,  located  few kilometers  from Rome !!! We found a path  going down toward the lake. I  saw some nice flowers to add to my collection of photographs. What a pleasant way to end the day and soon our trip …

DSC02885                                                                                                                                                                                       Romanesque Revival building (1892)- Served as the State Capitol  between 1903-1927.


State Capitol with its 287-foot masonry dome .


Tivoli fountain.



DSC02918  DSC02919     DSC02934


DSC02950   DSC02951

It was really  fall . We saw some trees with bright red color. It was time to go home  and plan other traveling fun trips !


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