Salem, Oregon.

Left California behind us.  Reached Oregon. We only drove 490 km/306 miles  that  day, from Weed to Salem. We saw a sign for a covered bridge (photo below). Curious enough  , we went to see it as it was not too far from the highway. There was a post saying it was constructed in 1920. Then,we arrived in Salem and of course, we visited the area around the Capitol.  The building is topped with a 23-foot statue symbolic of the Oregon pioneers. It was Sunday and quite quiet. Salem is the capital of Oregon and the state’s third largest city. It was nice to wander around and take a few photos ( again ). It was the first time  I was in Salem . We always drove by without having time to stop. At last, now I have a feel of what Salem is all about.

DSC02781  DSC02847       DSC02846

I will not  write  about history of Salem  or give info about  the major buildings  but here are some interesting facts I learned.

State Flower: Oregon Grape ( not a grape but a barberry)
State Insect: Swallowtail Butterfly
State Bird: The Western Meadow Lark
State Fish: Chinook Salmon
State  Animal: Beaver
State Tree: Douglas Fir

I certainly  did not know those  facts . I probably do not know what are the flower, insect, bird… of my own province !!  I  discovered also that a Douglas fir was raised from seed carried to the moon ( Apollo 14- Space mission 1971). In 1976, the first moon tree was planted in Oregon so  now this tree is almost 39 years old. Here it is in the picture below.  It looks like  a normal tree but having gone to the moon and back is kind of neat !


Our next stop will be in Olympia, Washington State.



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