Olives and Mount Shasta.

In my previous post, we were in Napa Valley. It would had been nice to stay longer. The  fall weather was so nice. 19C/61 F at 9AM.  I am sure I would had found more photographs to take but we had other plans and we got on HWY # 5  heading north. I had read in my travel guide that CORNING (exit 631) was America’s “Olive city”. We thought it would be a perfect place to stop and buy some olives. Spanish missionaries introduced olives trees to California in the late 18th century. By the 1920s, Corning had seven olive canneries and the city still claims it packages more than half the nation ‘s olive crop. We like olives and olive oil, so visited  the OLIVE PIT.  You’ll find there many kind of olives , olive oil, balsamic vinegar and much more. You taste the olive oil with some bread. This was great. We  purchased few things  to take home and we are still  enjoying it.

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We went  back on HWY #5  and soon enough we entered Shasta National Forests. Now, by mid-day , the temperature  had raised to 32C/89F. We  found a rest area for our pic-nick as we had done other days.  With only 400 km/ 250 miles to go this day, there was no rush. This is how we like to travel. Enjoy the day and the journey. Our destination for the night was Weed, in Northern California. When the sun hit Mount Shasta, it was spectacular to see the change of color on the mountain. Mount Shasta is a potentially active volcano located at the southern end of the Cascade Range in Siskiyou County, California. At 14,179 feet, it is the second highest peak in the Cascades and the fifth highest in California.


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Visiting Napa Valley.

March 1st,

It has been a while  I post something on my blog. Life is always busy . I had written the story of our visit in Napa Valley and now it is time for me to post it…

What is the best time to visit Napa Valley ? I would say mid-week  in October.  For  a long time  Napa Valley was  for me just  a name  but I  was really curious to see it. You know what I mean!  You hear about a place and then you start to think about it and soon enough you think it would be great to go there. And of course for me, it means photography ! Vineyards  are beautiful places to see. I have seen vineyards here in British Columbia, in Québec, in Switzerland and in France ( a long long time ago). It is not really about wine tasting for me rather than being in awe with those fields of perfect lines. Looking at the  magical grapes.

So, Napa Valley was a stop for two nights as we made plan to spend a whole day there. We got a wonderful guide-book at the Tourist Information. It helped us a lot to decide where we would be spending  time. The cover of the book has a photography of  “Castello di Amorosa” located in Calistoga.  This 13th century Tuscan castle-winery is  an  amazing  building. I have to say that discovering this castle was a  highlight of our day.  Here is a link if you want to get more information.  http://www.castellodiamorosa.com/


we couldn’t ask for better weather. It was like a summer day  int he mid 30C.I will not name  all the places we stopped by during that day but they were all interesting for different reasons. Napa Valley covers  a huge area and has so many wineries, more than 500 I think . You would never be able to see them all in a week. imagine, you would taste wine at each of them ! There are companies who bring people in little bus from one winery to another. It is the best as much safer ! So, with only one day, we did a quick tour but we knew  also it would be possible to go back one day !

We started our day in Napa, stopping in Yountville at the Domaine Chandon. I knew from my guide-book that  there was a nice garden , perfect for taking photos. At the Groth winery and its insectary garden  I saw a hummingbird very busy on lavender and butterflies were around also !

DSC02432   DSC02438 DSC02440

We  had a picnic in St.Helena. At the winery V. Sattui , we got food from the deli  and  enjoyed a rest in the tree-shaded garden. We stopped  here and there but the very last winery , Artesa, was  spectacular for the  360 degree  views .

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Chardonnay, Pinot noir, Merlot  or Cabernet Sauvignon,  you will find it there in the beautiful Napa Valley.