Mission San Rafael and Mission Sonoma.

This was Day 11 of our California adventure.

The first Spanish Mission I visited  ( in 2013) was Mission San Juan Capistrano.  It was  a wonderful visit. Its beautiful gardens and old buildings  inspired me to see other missions and  learn  about this part of history. All the missions have similarities and differences. We ended up seeing 9 Missions during that trip.  I have so far visited 10 of the 21 Spanish Missions. I already wrote about all the  other missions visited in earlier posts.  If you look to the right on  that page you will see a list of posts. I think you cannot see all of them at once. You must go to archives  and in the month of October. This is when I started to write about my road trip to California. The very first mission we saw on that trip was Mission San José, then Mission Santa Clara, Mission San Juan Bautista,  Mission Carmel, Mission Soledad, Mission Santa Cruz, Mission Dolores ( in San Francisco) and finally  Mission San Rafael and  Mission Sonoma. Maybe , one day, I will visit the other one.

After leaving San Francisco, we reached San Rafael . This Mission was the 20th of the 21 California Missions; it was  founded in 1817.  The chapel is a replica built in 1949.  We  did not spend too much time there  as we wanted to reach Sonoma and visit the  last Mission on our list.

DSC02115 Mission San Rafael Arcangel.

We arrived in Sonoma mid-day.  Sonoma State Historic Park is centered around Sonoma Plaza. More than a dozen buildings important to early California history can be explored. This mission  was the last and  northernmost of the California’s chain of missions. The original mission was destroyed and rebuilt several times.

DSC02235 Mission Sonoma.

We also  visited  Mexican General Mariano Vallejo’s home in Sonoma as well as  his ranch in Petaluma. It  was once the largest and most prosperous ranch in Mexican northern California.  It was a very interesting visit. So much  history. So much to learn about the past.

DSC02283                                                                                                                                                                                              House where the General Vallejo lived with his family, in Sonoma.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                DSC02302                                                                                                                                                                                         Petaluma Adobe ( State Historic Park)

Thanks for reading my story.  After our visit in Sonoma, we settled in Napa for another interesting day.


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