San Francisco (part 2)

Hi to all my readers !  Happy New Year to all of you !We are now half-way into the month of January. Time for me to get back on posting about our fall trip in California. Here is the second part about our visit in San Francisco.

We only had two full days in SF but we enjoyed them to the max. Using the car the first day, we  toured the Golden Gate park. We  visited the Japanese Tea Garden . A very beautiful place ! Shaded stone walkways  and footbridges are meant to be strolled at a leisurely pace. Ponds, miniature waterfalls, a big bronze Buddha, stone lanterns, statuary and a couple of pagoda contribute to the beauty of this tranquil little garden.

DSC01727         DSC01749

DSC01729         DSC01742

To really appreciate the golden Gate Park, we need time . On the far western edge of Golden Gate Park stand two wooden windmills that were built to pump groundwater for irrigating the park’s lawns and gardens, helping to transform the dunes that once covered the area. It was built in 1902. It was in operation for several decades, but fell into disrepair after the park switched to electric water pumps. The Dutch Windmill was restored in 1981.


The southern Murphy Windmill was completed in 1908. It was in operation  for several decades as the other windmill.  Murphy’s Windmill’s restoration  was completed in  2011.


If you visit and have time to see inside the Park visitor center, you will appreciate  murals depicting scenes of the city during the Great Depression.

DSC01697 DSC01699

San Francisco is a great city, easy to navigate especially when you have a GPS but even without it a good map is  enough to help you get where you want. More on San Francisco in my next post.




7 thoughts on “San Francisco (part 2)

  1. Mi-janvier déjà!!! Et il est encore temps pour les bonnes résolutions ? Alors inspirée par ton bouddha, je vais me souhaiter un peu plus de “zénitude” dans ma vie…et un petit détour par SF avant le fin de l’année ? On ne sait jamais 🙂

    • je ne sais pas si on devrait parler de resolutions mais plutot de projets… Visualiser ses rêves de voyages et aller dans la direction pour les réaliser…voilà ce que je te souhaite tout en essayant de rester zen au quotidien. Je NOUS le souhaite . Bisous et merci de ton passage.

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