Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

On Day 8 of our road trip,  we were heading  north  via the coastal road.  Santa Cruz was one stop to do ( previous post).  We knew we would get to San Francisco that day  but did not know we were going to stop at the Pigeon Point Light Station. We saw it from the road and we said why not have a look ! It ended up a nice stop. We must appreciate lighthouses  that can save many lives. This one  dates from 1872. It is a State Historic Park. Here is more info about this place ( found on the internet).

“Perched on a cliff on the central California coast, 50 miles south of San Francisco, near Pescadero, the 115-foot Pigeon Point Lighthouse, one of the tallest lighthouses in America, has been guiding mariners since 1872. Its five-wick lard oil lamp, and first-order Fresnel lens, comprised of 1,008 prisms, was first lit at sunset, November 15, 1872. The lens stands 16 feet tall, 6 feet in diameter, and weighs 2,000 pounds. It sits in a lantern room that had been constructed at the Lighthouse Service’s general depot in New York before being shipped around the Horn. Although the original Fresnel lens is no longer in use, the lighthouse is still an active U.S. Coast Guard aid to navigation using a 24 inch Aero Beacon.”

After a lifetime of exposure to wind, rain, sun, log and salty sea mist, the tower is literally crumbling. Closed to the public since a portion of its belt course broke off in 2001, it became important to restore the lighthouse to its original glory. California State Parks acquired title to Pigeon Point Light Station form the U.S. Coast Guard in 2011. The CSPF accepts contributions to save ans restore the lighthouse.

Also located within the park, Hosteling International runs the Pigeon Point Hostel for guests who are interested in staying overnight.  Four Light Station buildings were converted to lodging for up to 59 people.  You can relax in a hot tub with panoramic views of the Pacific, then fall asleep gazing up at one of the tallest lighthouses in America. This hostel offers comfortable, affordable lodgings in four houses set just beside the lighthouse. Guests enjoy cozy indoor lounges, fully equipped kitchens, cove beaches, tide pools, and an oceanfront boardwalk. While we were there  a group of students arrived at the hostel.

We had a nice chat with  friendly docents ,visited the fog signal building and the  gift shop. After  I took a  few pictures, we left with more knowledge on a site that has so much  history. Always  so much to learn when traveling !






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