Salinas Valley ; California. (part 5)

Our road trip is told in part  as you can see. We have visited 3 Spanish Missions: San José, Santa Clara  and San Juan Bautista. Now we are going to settle for a few nights and stay in SALINAS, the birthplace of the  author John Steinbeck and the setting for many of his novels.

Quantities and varieties of vegetables and fruits grown in the Salinas Valley. This place gets the nickname “Salad Bowl of the World”. It was great to see fields of lettuce, strawberries , broccoli and  much more . We can also see some vineyards. I will show in photographs . First , you will see that some area  are really yellow and dry. No rain in this area for many  weeks  but the farm  have  watering system.




and here fields of broccoli…


and lettuce….



So much green around, it was really amazing to see it all. But we must get going and see other places…

5 thoughts on “Salinas Valley ; California. (part 5)

  1. It’s so interesting to see where so much of our winter produce comes from! It’s such a treat to get fresh lettuce and other produce all winter long. Nice series of shots, France! Enjoy the rest of your week! :))

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