Santa Clara; Spanish Mission in California.(part 3)

When you make a plan and you have an address nothing is easier than getting there. Especially when you have a GPS. So after visiting Mission San José in Fremont, we drove  about 30 minutes to arrive on the Santa Clara University Campus. The Mission was   founded in 1777, the eight of 21 missions built in California  in the 1700s. St.Clare of Assisi’s close friendship with St.Francis inspired Padre Serra to name this mission after her. It is the first mission named for a woman. It is also the only mission to be associated with a university.

The building is a replica of the third mission , which was built in 1825.The original garden is intact and is a lovely place to wander. A superb rose garden, all different colors ,some  olive trees as well.  They used to have 40 olive trees to supply the early padres with olives and oil.Benches to sit quietly and enjoy the serenity of the place. And as in all the Mission, we can see  a life-sized statue of Padre Junipero Serra, the  founder of the Missions.  From all the missions we visited during our trip this one  gets a  star. We were delighted by our visit  and  were thinking it must be nice to be a student on this campus.


DSC00166 DSC00183

DSC00161       DSC00169

4 thoughts on “Santa Clara; Spanish Mission in California.(part 3)

  1. Oh, how I’d love to attend this University! The grounds are so beautiful! This is my ideal campus. And the weather perfect. Great photographs too, France—I especially love the bottom two shots. What a wonderful trip you had! ~ Jeannie

  2. Tout comme madlyinlovewithlife, l’ai un petit faible pour les 2 dernières photos.Et je devine que tu as dû faire quelques acrobaties pour photographier la rose de cet angle ahahah :-)).
    Je trouve l’intérieur de la chapelle particulièrement lumineux !!! ici, on nous a habitué à plus sombre que çà dans les lieux de culte.

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