Spanish Missions in California. (part 1)

It is now October 15…time flies, time runs too fast. I came back from our road trip a week ago. How strange how time feels different when you are away  compared to be at home. This trip has been great. The weather was fantastic. It felt more like summer  than fall but after all California is not British-Columbia. There were so many places to see and so many photos taken, I am still trying to edit them.

In March 2013, I visited the Mission in San Juan Capistrano. I enjoyed it very much. It was then I learned that  there were 21 Spanish Missions in California. The idea to see more was set. So, 1 years and a half later we were on our own mission to visit few more. We actually visited 9 on this trip. I will talk more about those one in another post.

Today I want to talk and show more about  the Mission San Juan Capistrano. The gardens are  wonderful to see with  all kind of flowers, old benches, a fountain with  fishes. The buildings are great. The whole story about the Mission is quite interesting. It all started with Father Junipero Serra, a Spanish Franciscan friar. The missions were primarily designed to convert the natives. Other aims were to integrate the neophytes into Spanish society, and to train them to take over ownership and management of the land. As head of the order in California, Serra not only dealt with church officials, but also with Spanish officials in Mexico City and with the local military officers who commanded the nearby presidios (garrisons).                                                                                                                                                                   

The first mission to be founded was in San Diego. The Mission in SJC was the 7th to be founded in 1776. If you go to San Juan Capistrano, make sure you visit the Mission.  More on our road trip-2014- another day.                                                

DSC05576 DSC05640 DSC05666 DSC05714DSC05659 DSC05732



8 thoughts on “Spanish Missions in California. (part 1)

  1. Fascinating trip, France. I love Spanish architecture. I would especially love the gardens. And I love California. I’m convinced that somehow I was born under the wrong star—that I should have been born in California…ha…ha! Have a wonderful day! :))

  2. Bonsoir ma cousine, comme c’est un bon moyen de nous faire vivre tes découvertes ! Tu es quand même bien disciplinée de t’astreindre à cette corvée ! Ce que tu nous présentes aujourd’hui est très intéressant ! Bonne continuité ! Martine xxx

  3. En tous cas elle, a réussit à bien impressionner mon Titom cette belle Californie. Et moi je prend des notes au cas zou… .
    J’accroche mes étoiles au-dessus de ta 3ème et 5ème photos si tu permets, elles ont un petit quelque chose de terrrrriblement “cuisant” 🙂

    • Merci. La Californie c’est grand. L’Orégon et l’état de Washington c’est beau aussi… j’aime bien tout ce coin des USA. De ton cote je connais juste un peu les grandes villes Boston, New-York, Washington… pcq on a fait un autre road trip par là en 2011.

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