San José; Spanish Missions in California. (part 2)

October 2014.

In March 2013, while spending some time in California , I visited the Spanish Mission at San Juan Capistrano. It was wonderful to be there and take photos of the place. Then, I discovered there was 21  Spanish missions in California. I bought a post card  to visualize  where they are located. I got the idea it would be fun to go back to California and visit few more. This is why we made a plan to do a road trip. After 1,555 km ( 3 days ) we visited  the Mission San José in Fremont.  It was the 14th of the 21 Spanish Mission. This one was founded in 1797  by Father Femin Francisco de Lasuén. The original abode structure was destroyed by an earthquake  in 1868. The interior of the reconstructed church is unusually elegant, containing crystal chandeliers, murals, religious paintings and a gold leaf altar. It is considered to be a near-perfect replica of the original church, though it incorporates a concealed structural steel frame which provides earthquake resistance. You can also visit a small museum which displays old paintings, photographs,and exhibits about the Ohlone Indians.


Here is the postcard showing where we can find the  21 Spanish  Missions.


DSC00108 Mission San José (reconstruction)

Inside of the church.


This was the first  Mission we visited , we were able to see two more that day. I will write about them in another post.

5 thoughts on “San José; Spanish Missions in California. (part 2)

  1. Hé Bé! Je m’instruis vrai :-). J’y connais rien moi dans les Zétats Zunis d’Amérique alors je vais suivre “religieusement” ton parcours.

  2. What a great road trip, France. Driving from Calgary to Los Angeles is one of our favourite things to do. I absolutely love road trips; we love traveling that way. It’s on our bucket list to do a leisurely road trip from Vancouver all the way down to coast to Mexico. I like that you set out this particular goal for yourself and are having fun carrying it out. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :))

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